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FACT >> Over 80% of corporate laptops and desktops contain sensitive data, 34% of IT personnel do not have a secure process for hard drive destruction, 46% of business stockpile their old hard drives, There was a test by M.I.T and they found that almost 90% of used hard drives contained sensitive information such as names, emails, credit card numbers etc;

refreshtek is a trusted Canadian industry leader for technology recovery, refurbishing, remarketing and recycling. Through our world-class facilities and processes, refreshtek is helping to build the foundation for sustainable technology, providing enterprises with an economically smart, environmentally friendly and risk-free method for the reclamation, refurbishment, reselling and recycling of refreshed technology — so it can continue to benefit others into the future. We like to call it the 5R’s.

At refreshtek we are the refurbishing experts. Valuable technology assets are revitalized with help from our massive parts inventory to look and perform like new… they are refreshed. Furthermore, this approach of reuse before recycling is better for the environment. The greenest form of recycling is REUSE.

With over 100 years of combined expertise, refreshtek has been the preferred take-back partner many of Canada’s largest corporations and the top computer manufacturers. These leading organizations provide us with a non-stop supply of high-quality, high-value technology systems and components that, after testing and certification, we make available to customers worldwide. By extending the life of these products, refreshtek is able to enrich the lives of thousands while also helping to significantly reduce the amount of e-waste that is filling our landfills and polluting our environment.


The answer is simple… the 5R’s. refreshtek is known for its ability to deliver an economic and environmental recycling solution for refreshed technology assets… seamless and simple. Our policy of zero landfill policy and proven ability to give technology a second chance is why our partners call us the “responsible recycler” and their “environmental partner.” They know that they can trust us and that we will shield them from potential data, environmental and economic risks… every time… all the time.

For technology buyers, our unsurpassed market and pricing knowledge, along with our extensive inventory of nearly new assets sourced from best of breed companies, is why we are known as the preferred destination worldwide for buying used systems, parts and components at great prices.



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