Recycling is our business. Through our world-class facilities, refreshtek is building the foundation for sustainable technology. To reach our goals of benefiting the environment through recycling, our business policy breaks down into five parts - we like to call this our 5R's initiative. 


Refresh: Refreshtek's goal is to take end-of-life technology, and through a series of upgrades and tests, make them new again.


Repurchase: Refreshtek offers great value for end-of-life technology, our Asset Disposition staff will provide the best solution for your retired IT equipment.


Reuse: Our goal is to reuse as much as possible, diverting electronic waste from landfills, also reducing the amount of energy needed to process them into their basic elements.


Repair: Our professional and resourceful technical staff allows our products to be made new again, whether through repair, or replacement.


Recycle: Refreshtek's main purpose is to recycle as much as we can; our company policy is to limit waste to a minimum. GREEN is our favorite colour!

Refreshtek employs a class-leading facility using the most up-to-date hardware and software solutions to test, repair, and refresh end-of-life technology. Our highly skilled and professionally trained team of technical staff places each unit we receive through countless hours of testing to ensure the quality of our products. Going green also means keeping technology living and breathing for years to come, sometimes, that means it requires repair. Refreshtek offers comprehensive repairs focused on rapid turnaround, quality workmanship, we are confident in our work and provide an industry leading warranty period.