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Electronic waste differs from standard waste in a few important ways, but there are several advantages to using an electronic waste recycling service over simply throwing old computers into the garbage.

It’s Better for the Environment

By recycling, the valuable, non-renewable parts of electronics that can be recovered and reused in the production of new components are separated and sold. This process reduces pollution, saves resources, and saves energy. An EPA research study shows that recycling 1 million computers prevents the equivalent of 17,000 cars worth of greenhouse gasses.

E-waste also includes toxic chemicals like nickel, mercury, glass, and lithium that are damaging to humans, livestock, and the environment. Some e-waste even contains carcinogens. While sitting in a landfill, these chemicals contaminate ground resources. Reduce soil, air, and water pollution by hiring an electronic waste recycling service.

Speaking of landfills, recycling e-waste reduces the need for landfill space, allowing the remaining land to be used for agriculture of natural preservation. It’s estimated every year 4 million tons of e-waste ends up in a landfill. Let’s work on reducing that number.

It’s Good for the Economy

The electronic waste recycling service industry is a vast market. The complex process involves shipping, sorting, and managing the e-waste to recycle into new, usable products. Employees are needed to do all the work every step of the way. By recycling e-waste, you’re not only saving the environment but also supporting hundreds of thousands of jobs.

On top of that, given the high demand for consumer electronics in the modern day, manufacturers are constantly running short on raw materials for producing them. Recycling is one way to boost supplies.

It Helps Your Brand

What convinces new customers to buy from a business than knowing how committed they are to environmental protection? Studies show that both customers and employees want companies to invest more in electronic waste recycling services for this reason.

The positive effect on sustainability reduces your company’s carbon footprint and enhances its reputation amongst its customers and business partners.

Plus, an electronic waste recycling service usually costs less than standard waste removal given how heavy disposed electronics are. It’s all about choosing a good recycler.

Refreshtek | Electronic Waste Recycling | Toronto & the GTA

One major reason why businesses are suspect of e-waste recycling is data security. It’s a valid concern since digital thieves often target sensitive, private information restored from disposed hard drives, but there’s an easy solution.

Refreshtek is an industry-leading electronic waste recycling service that specializes in fast and convenient refurbishing and remarketing of old devices. We know e-waste better than anyone else, and our NAID AAA Certified staff will ensure your data is safe while the recycling process completes.

If you have any questions at all about our electronic waste recycling services, please feel free to contact us. A member of the Refreshtek team is ready to help you out and will happily answer any questions that you may have.

  • Electronic waste is different from standard waste in that it contains various harmful chemicals yet at the same time reusable materials that could be recycled.
  • Recycling e-waste helps protect the environment, improves your business’s public image, and boosts the national economy.
  • For a quick, convenient, and secure electronic waste recycling service, look no further than Refreshtek. Contact us today and add yourself to our list of satisfied clients.