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Secure data destruction is the only way to keep your information safe and secure when upgrading or retiring electronics. Due to security concerns, more and more businesses are turning to Refreshtek to ensure high standard corporate data destruction. Ensuring your data and your client information is safe is critical in today’s electronic age. Gone are the days of shredding papers. Shredding equipment is the new normal to ensure the privacy of all parties. At Refreshtek, we wipe hard drives according to stringent industry guidelines and by doing so, protect your privacy and data in the process. Refreshtek provides data wiping programs, physical data destruction and industry leading assurance to all of our clients. Our wiping program eliminates data recovery, starting with a physical inspection of your equipment. Next, we electronically wipe your confidential data according to high industry standards that govern our work. In the cases where this is impossible, we offer total physical destruction of the equipment to provide the highest level of confidence and peace of mind. We stand behind our reputation and offer industry leading assurance of our work and the total destruction of your data with a letter of liability release as well as a certificate of data destruction. We are strongly committed to our clients and to the protection of their data. Refreshtek has been providing secure data destruction to our clients in Toronto and the GTA for many years and work to the highest industry standards to protect your data.

Refreshtek | IT Asset Recovery Frees up Value from Unused Equipment

IT asset recovery is a great way to free up value from your unused IT assets. Our company purchases various types of electronics in the 5 year old or less range. We physically inspect your equipment and electronically wipe all confidential data before reusing. Desktops, laptops and monitors are all potential sources of extra revenue instead of leaving them sitting in storage. Risk free and environmentally responsible, Refreshtek will take your unwanted equipment, pay you for it, and make it good for someone else. This win-win situation not only helps our clients and other consumers, but helps avoid landfill, wasted storage space and potential data leaks. Refreshtek is a member of OES and AAA NAID Certified as an IT Asset Recovery and Secure Data Destruction company serving Toronto and the GTA. Our team will work with your company to determine how IT asset recovery can make you money, save you space and keep your data safe. We will show you how IT asset recovery earns money for unwanted technology and how it is beneficial for the environment at the same time.

About Refreshtek | IT Asset Recovery and Secure Data Destruction in Toronto & the GTA| Environmental Sustainability

IT asset recovery and secure data destruction are two great ways to save money, save valuable office space and prevent unwanted data leaks from unused equipment that may not be secured appropriately. Not only can we guarantee the safety of your data in writing, we can do it all in a sustainable way. Our commitment to the safety of our environment is second only to our strong commitment to our clients and the safety of their data. Refreshtek is proud to serve our corporate clients in Toronto and the GTA. Our professional team of experts work hard to meet and exceed industry standards, as well as our client’s expectations in terms of quality, value and service. Contact us or browse our website at to learn about the importance of secure data destruction and IT asset recovery, and how it can help you make a difference to your business.

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