Data Security Horror Stories: 4 Examples of Why IT Asset Recovery and Secure Data Destruction Are Important for a Business

There’s a reason why experienced IT professionals always take out the hard drive before selling old computers. The data on a wiped drive isn’t gone forever. Whether you’re leasing, selling, or recycling old machinery, even a wiped drive poses a data security risk when it possibly contains sensitive corporate information cybercriminals can exploit. Don’t think

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3 Major Benefits of Using an Electronic Waste Recycling Service

Electronic waste (or e-waste) refers to discarded electronic devices and accessories such as cell phones, computers, printers, and cameras. Companies often throw out old electronics to declutter the office when new replacement equipment arrives. Electronic waste differs from standard waste in a few important ways, but there are several advantages to using an electronic waste

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Refreshtek | IT Asset Recovery Saves Space and Earns Money

Refreshtek is an IT Asset Recovery and Secure Data Destruction company that helps your business earn money and save space from your unused or unwanted technology.  Holding onto old or unused technology makes no sense in terms of space or finances.  Storage is at a premium in many cases today,and getting value from old or

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Refreshtek | Electronic Waste Recycling is Good for the Environment

Electronic waste recycling is an integral part of many industries today.  Corporate electronic waste needs to be handled to the highest standards for both data security and environmental sustainability. Ensuring data is securely wiped in an environmentally friendly way is one of our main goals at Refreshtek. We offer collection and disposal services that include: Secure

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What is Data Destruction? | Protect Your IT Assets | Refreshtek

Data destruction is the process of destroying or removing data from electronics or devices. Once this process is complete, your data is completely wiped and inaccessible. Where this is not possible, some electronics must be physically destroyed using data shredding to ensure complete data security. Regardless of the process your electronic assets require, Refreshtek can

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Refreshtek | Avoid Security Breaches with our IT Asset Recovery

When your electronic assets are at end-of-life or you are considering an upgrade to a later model, remember to call our professional team at Refreshtek to ensure privacy and security throughout the process of your IT asset recovery. With the help of Refreshtek, you can avoid security breaches during IT asset recovery by ensuring all

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Secure Data Destruction | Refreshtek | High Standard Corporate Data Destruction

Secure data destruction is the only way to keep your information safe and secure when upgrading or retiring electronics. Due to security concerns, more and more businesses are turning to Refreshtek to ensure high standard corporate data destruction. Ensuring your data and your client information is safe is critical in today’s electronic age. Gone are

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Refreshtek | Electronic Waste Recycling with High Data Security Standards

Electronic recycling is an emerging, important business in today’s market. With nearly every industry fully computerized and automated, it makes sense that equipment with potentially sensitive information will need to be recycled. Refreshtek handles your equipment to the highest standards for data security. Our professional team offers “peace of mind” disposal processing for desktops, laptops,

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Refreshtek | IT Asset Recovery Earns Money for Unwanted Technology

Unwanted technology is everywhere, and whether it’s related to an upgrade, a business move or simply wanting new equipment, there is a great need for IT asset recovery.  Refreshtek can provide IT asset recovery by helping you gain the value still remaining in your unwanted technology.  IT asset recovery earns money for unwanted technology, whether

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Refreshtek | Electronic Waste Recycling including Collection and Safe Disposal

In nearly every industry today, technology is rapidly changing and upgrades are often required to keep up with the latest programs and applications. Before any upgrade can occur, there is always consideration of where and how to dispose of your electronic waste. Corporate electronic waste needs to be handled to the highest standards for both

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