When your electronic assets are at end-of-life or you are considering an upgrade to a later model, remember to call our professional team at Refreshtek to ensure privacy and security throughout the process of your IT asset recovery. With the help of Refreshtek, you can avoid security breaches during IT asset recovery by ensuring all private information is wiped permanently from your electronic device. Data security is viewed as a very important aspect of asset recovery management and many companies cite data security as a very high priority. Asset recovery has become so important, that many companies not only budget for it, they also often turn to 3rd party service providers to ensure complete privacy. One of the most important parts of any business relationship is to find a provider who understands your business and your needs. Our team at Refreshtek can do just this – we will help you develop an asset recovery program that fits all your company’s needs. The importance of IT asset recovery in today’s business world cannot be underestimated. Considering most businesses are almost entirely reliant on electronics, the onus will be on Refreshtek to help avoid dangerous security breaches during our IT Asset Recovery process.

Refreshtek | IT Asset Recovery Saves Money and Space

Looking for an upgrade or is your equipment coming to the end of its life? If either answer is yes, then check out Refreshtek’s IT asset recovery program. Not only is this is a great way to free up value from your unused IT assets but you can also save valuable office space and most importantly, ensure your data is secure. Our process of IT Asset Recovery is as follows:

1. Refreshtek is interested in purchasing desktops, laptops and LCD monitors, typically in the 5 year old range. You can earn money towards new assets or just free up office space. Many qualify for a free pick up.

2. Our trained technicians will physically inspect your equipment to ensure the detection of all data storage components. The next step is to electronically wipe all your confidential data.

3. You can be fully assured that your data is safe. We wipe hard drives to ensure privacy and security that meet the highest industry standards.

4. If the equipment does not allow for an electronic wipe to be performed with 100% assurance, we will physically shred your hard drives in-house.

5 Desktops, laptops and LCD monitors could still hold residual dollars just sitting in storage. Find out if you could earn money back for your unwanted technology.

Our team will work with your company to show you how IT asset recovery can earn you money, save your valuable space and keep your data safe. We also ensure your confidential information remains safe and secure at the same time.

About Refreshtek | IT Asset Recovery | The 5R’s | Toronto & the GTA

IT asset recovery and secure data destruction are beneficial for several reasons. You will save money, save office space and most importantly, keep your data secure. Refreshtek guarantees in writing the safety of your data during our IT asset recovery process. Your company’s privacy is our priority. Refreshtek is proud to serve our corporate clients in Toronto and throughout the GTA. Our professional team of experts works beyond industry standards to ensure full client satisfaction in terms of quality, value and service. Contact us or browse our website at www.refreshtek.com to learn about the importance of secure data destruction and IT asset recovery, and how it can help you make a difference to your business.

At Refreshtek, we follow the 5R’s – refresh, recover, reuse, repair and recycle. With the 5R’s as our focus we are secure, sustainable and savings-oriented. We have a strict zero landfill policy, and adhere to this as well as industry guidelines to ensure that the 5R’s are met:

1. Refresh: Refreshtek’s goal is to take end-of-life technology, and through a series of upgrades and tests, make them new again.
2. Recover: Refreshtek offers great value for end-of-life technology. Our Asset Disposition staff will provide the best solution for your retired IT equipment.
3. Reuse: Our goal is to reuse as much as possible, diverting electronic waste from landfills, and reducing the amount of energy needed to process them into their basic elements.
4. Repair: Our professional and resourceful technical staff allow our products to be made new again, whether through repair, or replacement.
5. Recycle: Refreshtek’s main purpose is to recycle as much as we can; our company policy is to limit waste to a minimum.

Refreshtek provides your company with custom services related to IT asset recovery, secure data destruction and electronic recycling services. We ensure your needs are met with an economically smart, environmentally friendly and risk-free method for the reclamation, refurbishment, reselling and recycling of refreshed technology — so it can continue to benefit others into the future. Browse our website at www.refreshtek.com or contact us to discuss your requirements and how we can help you with IT asset recovery as well as many more related services.