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Electronic waste is generated from end-of-life or obsolete electronic devices. Electronic waste recycling is the process of recovering parts and materials from the old device to use in new products. Unfortunately, a lot of electronic waste ends up in landfills which have adverse environmental effects. Refreshtek has an electronic waste recycling service that can provide you with customizable services to ensure you are provided with the type of processing that best fits your needs with an economically smart, environmentally friendly and risk-free method for the reclamation, refurbishment, reselling and recycling of refreshed technology. By refreshing and refurbishing unused electronics, we divert excess waste from the landfill while putting the refurbished electronics back into circulation. Your business can benefit not only financially, but by making the right environmental choice, we all win. Refreshtek is an electronic recycling company that operates in a world class facility to ensure a secure, environmentally sustainable process of electronic waste recycling.

Refreshtek Offers a Collection and Disposal Service for All Your Recycling Needs | Toronto & the GTA

It is often difficult to take the next steps after you decide to part with your old or unused equipment.  Refreshtek makes it as simple as possible by offering a collection and disposal service that can also include a free pick up.  Visit our website to see if you qualify for a free pickup today.  Our collection and disposal services include a thorough process that will leave no questions unanswered and no doubt about the highest degree of privacy and security.  We offer secure data destruction, which includes digital wiping or if that’s not possible, physical shredding of equipment.  This takes place at our facility which is high tech and approved by our industry governing body.  In addition, our recycling services are best in class – with no export of hazardous materials or non-working units.  We provide a certificate of destruction when all the equipment processing is finalized and also give your business a letter of liability release.  An extra benefit offered is rebate opportunities on resalable equipment.  Overall, our process is secure, environmentally sound and easy to access.  We take pride in helping our clients maintain relevant digital equipment by safe and simple removal and recycling of the old, unwanted machines.

About Refreshtek |Electronic Waste Recycling in Toronto & the GTA

Refreshtek provides Canadians with a one stop recycling service for your end of life IT equipment and various forms of electronic waste. Give us a call and arrange a pickup or a consultation today. We employ a world class facility using the most up-to-date hardware and software solutions to test, repair, and refresh end-of-life technology. Our highly skilled and professionally trained team of technical staff places each unit we receive through countless hours of testing to ensure the quality of our products. Going green also means keeping technology living and breathing for years to come, sometimes, that means it requires repair. Refreshtek offers comprehensive repairs focused on rapid turnaround, quality workmanship, we are confident in our work and provide an industry leading warranty period.  Electronic recycling makes sense in so many ways, and is being used more and more by large companies that want to make a difference environmentally.  Our zero landfill policy is in place to encourage refreshing and refurbishing and also to ensure waste disposal is done in a responsible manner.  Contact us or browse our website at to see if you qualify for a free pick –up of your old IT equipment and browse all the services we can offer your business.