Electronic waste recycling is an integral part of many industries today.  Corporate electronic waste needs to be handled to the highest standards for both data security and environmental sustainability. Ensuring data is securely wiped in an environmentally friendly way is one of our main goals at Refreshtek. We offer collection and disposal services that include:

  • Secure data destruction – digital (wiping) and or physical (shredding) media destruction done at our facility. This is an NAID AAA certified process
  • Best in class recycling services – with no export of hazardous materials or non-working whole units
  • Certificate of Destruction – issued when all equipment is processed
  • Letter of Liability Release
  • Rebate opportunities on resalable equipment

At Refreshtek,we operate on a strict zero landfill policy to ensure your equipment is handled to the highest standards for environmentally responsible disposal.  We make sure that the electronic waste recycling service we provide is good for the environment.  Refreshtek offers custom services to ensure you receive the type of processing that best fits your needs with an economically smart, environmentally friendly and risk-free method for the reclamation,refurbishment, reselling and recycling of refreshed technology — so it can potentially continue to benefit others into the future. Whether your electronics can be reused, recycled or repaired, we can offer direction and guidance to help you make informed decisions related to your electronic waste.

Refreshtek Provides Electronic Waste Recycling that Meets High Industry Standards

Refreshtek is a member of OES and AAA NAID Certified as an electronic waste recycling service with coverage throughout all of Toronto and the GTA.  Our industry is regulated by the highest standards due to the sensitive nature of our work.  Recycling sensitive data is a serious endeavour, and one that our team does not take lightly.  Whether we are digitally wiping or physically shredding your electronic waste, we must do so as an NAID AAA certified process.  NAID AAA Certification verifies the qualifications of certified information destruction providers through a comprehensive scheduled and unannounced audit program. This rigorous process supports the needs of organizations around the world by helping them meet numerous laws and regulations requiring protection of confidential customer information.  This certification and membership in NAID is important to Refreshtek and to our clients.  It gives peace of mind to know that our industry has a governing body that ensures privacy and environmental laws are followed.  Similarly, we are regulated by the Ontario Electronic Stewardship – an industry-led, not-for-profit organization that operates the regulated recycling program in Ontario. This governing body ensures that end-of-life electronics are handled in a safe,secure and environmentally-sound manner.

About Refreshtek | Electronic Waste Recycling | Refresh, Recover, Reuse, Repair and  Recycle

Refreshtek follows the 5R’s of electronic waste recycling:

  1. Refresh: Refreshtek’s goal is to take end-of-life technology, and through a series of upgrades and tests, make them new again.
  2. Recover: Refreshtek offers great value for end-of-life technology. Our Asset Disposition staff will provide the best solution for your retired IT equipment.
  3. Reuse: Our goal is to reuse as much as possible, diverting electronic waste from landfills, and reducing the amount of energy needed to process them into their basic elements.
  4. Repair: Our professional and resourceful technical staff allow our products to be made new again, whether through repair, or replacement.
  5. Recycle: Refreshtek’s main purpose is to recycle as much as we can; our company policy is to limit waste to a minimum.

Refreshtek offers industry regulated electronic waste recycling,that is environmentally sound and secure from data leaks due to our rigorous process.  Browse our website at www.refreshtek.com for more information on electronic waste recycling service and see if you qualify for a free pick up.