Refreshtek is a member of NAID (National Association for Information Destruction).

NAID represents companies that specialize in secure information and document destruction. Refreshtek believes the best way to secure data is to have it physically destroyed. With both in-house and on-site Data Destruction Services, we are seeking to raise awareness in the value and importance of secure data destruction.

As part of NAID Canada we believe:-

  • Documents are only as secure as the weakest link in their life cycle.
  • Information protection is a vital issue to the senior management of all organizations.
  • Every organization should be legally obligated to appropriately safeguard personal information.
  • Organizations need to be as careful in the destruction of documents and records as they are in protecting them on their premises.
  • There is a significant risk to reputation and competitive position for organizations that do not use secure destruction techniques.
  • Every organization has information that requires secure destruction.
  • Stored records should be destroyed on a regular schedule.
  • Incidental business records discarded on a daily basis should be protected.
  • Recycling is not an adequate alternative for information destruction.
  • Internal personnel should not be responsible for destroying certain information.
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