Refreshtek | IT Asset Recovery Earns Money for Unwanted Technology

Unwanted technology is everywhere, and whether it’s related to an upgrade, a business move or simply wanting new equipment, there is a great need for IT asset recovery.  Refreshtek can provide IT asset recovery by helping you gain the value still remaining in your unwanted technology.  IT asset recovery earns money for unwanted technology, whether it’s from a desktop, laptop or LCD monitor.  Why store these items when our company may purchase them if they are approximately 5 years old or less?  Earn money toward the purchase of your new equipment and save valuable office storage space.  Refreshtek is a member of OES and AAA NAID Certified as an IT Asset Recovery and Secure Data Destruction company serving Toronto and the GTA.  Refreshtek is also proud to be a “green” company, where environmental concerns and impacts are a huge consideration in the process of data destruction.   By sending your unused assets to Refreshtek you are also helping the environment. By using our repurchase program you are not only freeing up the value of your unused technology, you are also helping to save the environment one computer at a time.  Our team will be happy to meet with you to discuss your equipment and your requirements.  Let our professional team show you how IT asset recovery earns money for unwanted technology and how we do it in an eco-friendly way.

Secure Data Destruction | Refreshtek Ensures Your Corporate Data is 100% Destroyed

A common concern when turning over used IT assets is around data: will the data be safe?  Some industries have stringent guidelines for data privacy, including healthcare and others.  At Refreshtek, we wipe hard drives according to industry guidelines and protect your privacy and data in the process.  Our professional staff will physically inspect your equipment, and then electronically wipe all confidential data.  In the cases this may not be possible your hard drive will be shredded.  Refreshtek provides the utmost in data destruction – total physical destruction.  When total peace of mind is requested and required, steps are taken to physically destroy each media device with our in-house shredder.   All shredded drives are then sent to an Ontario Electronic Stewardship approved processor for further shredding, rendering each to the most basic of raw material.  We provide peace of mind as you move into your new equipment, ensuring the old technology is wiped clean regardless of where it is heading next.  At Refreshtek, we guarantee 100% destruction of all your data either physically or digitally.  No matter which method is used to ensure important information is stringently wiped by our trained technicians, you can be sure your data is destroyed.

About Refreshtek | Benefits of Recycling | IT Asset Recovery and Secure Data Destruction Toronto & the GTA

Refreshtek uses the most up-to-date hardware and software solutions to test, repair, and refresh end-of-life technology. Our highly skilled and professionally trained team of technical staff places each piece of equipment we receive through many hours of testing to ensure the ongoing and consistent quality of our products. Environmental sustainability also means keeping technology functioning well for years to come by repairing it. Refreshtek offers comprehensive repairs focused on rapid turnaround and quality workmanship.  Our industry leading warranty period is our guarantee to our clients that work will be done in an effective, efficient way that will exceed your requirements. Refreshtek is proud to serve our corporate clients in Toronto and the GTA. Our professional technical team works hard to ensure your standards as well as industry standards are not only met but exceeded.  Contact us or browse our website at to get a better understanding of how we can work for you.


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