Refreshtek is an IT Asset Recovery and Secure Data Destruction company that helps your business earn money and save space from your unused or unwanted technology.  Holding onto old or unused technology makes no sense in terms of space or finances.  Storage is at a premium in many cases today,and getting value from old or unused equipment is a great way to earn extra cash for upgrades and more.  If your items are 5 years old or less, contact us and our team will help you determine the value remaining and what the best option is for your unwanted electronics.  By freeing up space and money, you will help your business both financially and logistically.  Refreshtek is interested in purchasing desktops, laptops and LCD monitors, typically in the 5 year old range.  Our qualified and professional technicians will inspect your equipment and if appropriate, wipe all confidential data so it can be rehomed or recycled.  Of course, the greenest form of recycling is reuse, and that is our goal whenever possible.  Our team will be happy to meet with you to discuss your unwanted equipment and your requirements in terms of recovery and data destruction.  Our team helps your business earn money from IT asset recovery.

Secure Data Destruction | Refreshtek Protects Your Confidential Data

Confidentiality is a large issue in many industries today, including healthcare, financial and numerous others.  Patient information or customer’s financials simply cannot be accessible by the public from discarded electronic equipment.  Enter Refreshtek,where we offer the most secure data destruction to protect your confidential data.  Our industry regulating bodies ensure we abide by the highest security standards and if not possible, then your device will be physically shredded.  There is no room for error in many industries,and when you entrust us with your business, we ensure complete privacy and confidentiality to protect any personal data. At Refreshtek, we guarantee 100% destruction of all your data whether it is done physically or digitally.  Refreshtek’s wiping program eliminates data recovery and we stand behind our reputation by offering a letter of liability release and indemnification as well as a Certificate of Data Destruction.  We strive to ensure the highest quality, most secure workmanship for our clients now and into the future.

 About Refreshtek | IT Asset Recovery and Secure DataDestruction Toronto & the GTA

At Refreshtek,we know that secure data destruction and IT asset recovery services are relatively new industries. Security measures had to change as the electronic age took complete hold, and Refreshtek is on the cutting edge of ensuring privacy and confidentiality with secure data destruction and IT asset recovery.  Not only do we ensure our hardware and software are the latest and most reliable tools to test and repair unwanted equipment, we do so in an economically and environmentally sound way.  Our governing bodies, the OES and NAID, hold us to high standards in an industry that is one of the most important when it comes to data protection.  It’s hard to name one business that is not computerized and that won’t require an upgrade at some point in the future.  That’s where our expertise comes in.  Knowing the correct action to take with unwanted equipment is part of our assessment and we ensure confidentiality each step of the way, through to refreshing, recycling or shredding.  Refreshtek is proud to serve our corporate clients in Toronto and the GTA.   Our professional technical team works hard to ensure your standards as well as industry standards are met and exceeded each time we work together.  Contact us or browse our website at to see what services we can offer your business.