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Benefits of Recycling

Computers and other electronics contain a multitude of toxic chemicals. Lead, mercury, and arsenic are just a few of the many toxic substances found in the electronics we use everyday. If improperly disposed of, our electronics end up in our landfills, or the landfills of less developed countries, these toxic substances will then be incinerated into our atmosphere, or seeped into our groundwater and soil. We at Refreshtek, believe that the more e-waste we divert from our landfills, the better. We work with the Ontario Electronic Stewardship program to recover valuable metals that can be put back into the manufacturing supply chain, and also keep harmful substances from reaching our environment. We believe the greenest form of recycling is reuse, even to re-manufacture products from its basic elements will cost a great deal of resources and energy, if something can be reused, you bet we'll try and find it a home!


Value in Recycling

Electronics such as computers and cell phones have value, Refreshtek will provide value for your end-of-life technology. We offer customers an easy and convenient service to obtain a quote for your technology and can offer trade-in's to get the most value out of your end-of-life technology. Contact us for a quote on your used technology and schedule a pickup with us today!


Reliable & Secure

We take pride in our efforts to provide a quick and easy way for customers to dispose of their electronics, and we guarantee that they will be processed properly and securely. Refreshtek will provide a certificate of destruction with every pickup noting the weight, and date of your electronics. Detailed audits are available if required, contact us for more information!