Secure Data Destruction

" can be sure your corporate data is destroyed … 100%"



Refreshtek’s wiping program eliminates data recovery.  We know how concerned you are about your data.  That is why we chose White Canyon’s WipeDrive for secure wiping of your hard drives.  Wiping hard drives at the DoD 5220.22-M as well as NIST SP 800-88 standards featuring multiple overwrites, random characters, and write verification. Our trained technicians start by physically inspecting your equipment to ensure the detection of all data storage components.  The next step is to electronically wipe all your confidential data.  This randomly resets the parameters of the drive to either a ‘1’ or ‘0’ and performs this 3 times.  If the equipment does not allow for an electronic wipe to be performed with 100% assurance, we will physically shred your hard drives in-house.







Refreshtek can provide the utmost in data destruction – total physical destruction.  When total peace of mind is requested and required, steps are taken to physically destroy each media device with our in-house shredder.  With a shred width of 1.5”, this eliminates any concerns with data security and leakage.  All shredded drives are then sent to an Ontario Electronic Stewardship approved processor for further shredding, rendering each to the most basic of raw material.


Refreshtek stands behind its reputation.  To provide total “Peace of Mind,” Refreshtek will provide industry leading assurances of its work and the total destruction of your data by supplying you with a letter of liability release and indemnification as well as a Certificate of Data Destruction.  This fact alone proves to the workmanship that we commit to for our clients, for today and into the future.

"We guarantee 100% destruction of all your data either physically or digitally.  Whether your important information is stringently wiped by our trained technicians or is destroyed in-house or on your premises, you can be sure your data is destroyed… 100%."

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